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Pete Scott

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Pete Scott at Rothbury Roots, Northumberland
Wednesday 4th October 2006

The artist took the stage, resplendent in a dark suit and open-necked shirt, and without further ado immediately captivated his audience with a great song which highlighted his superb guitar work, the lovely tone of his guitar, the marvellous lyrics and his rich, smooth voice. It was a wonderful start. Then Pete explained how during the song he had suffered all forms of hell in trying to keep a throat lozenge in his mouth which he had forgotten to take out before starting to sing! The audience was in hysterics, and this set the tone for the performance to come!

Pete Scott showed what a marvellous performer he is with a mixture of serious contemporary songs and funny songs, interlaced with a spoken delivery between songs that often had the Rothbury audience splitting their sides. He has a terrific, easy voice, is masterful with the guitar, and is blessed with an amazing sense of humour that held the audience in the palm of his hand for the far-too-brief hour long set.

The highlight of comedy for many was undoubtedly the song about Midsomer Murders, and anybody who can name check Midsomer Norton in a song deserves the plaudits for his set! (By the way, for the uninitiated Midsomer Norton is a village near Bath - down South).

But whether singing in serious vein or in a comedic vein, Pete is an artist that is simply fantastic to see live. He performed on the night not only suffering from jetlag after his return from Australia the day before, but also a very sore throat (hence the lozenge!), and it is testament to the artist that he played the set with absolutely no indication of these ailments. He was simply in superb voice.

So get to see this artist as soon as you can. You are guaranteed a terrific night’s entertainment and, like the Rothbury audience, you will be chuckling for a long time to come!

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