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Pete Scott

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CD Review in Giggle Beats: Songs To Sing & Jokes To Tell
Pete Scott's latest album – a comedy album no less – tells tales rooted in the culture & identity of the North East. Combining humour and truth in his distinctive & accomplished style, Songs To Sing & Jokes To Tell is a real treat. From the pitfalls of modern living in Spam & Bubble to the sad fate of Billy Gibson's Things, there is a story or a joke for everyone..... [read more]

Review in The Link: Songs To Sing & Jokes To Tell
Singer/songwriter/guitarist Pete Scott, from Walker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, returns with this exceptional album - 12 songs + bonus track - "featuring his trademark mixture of the comic and the poignant, combining a dry sense of humour with his skill at finding meaning in the everyday details of life".... [read more]

Interview with John-Paul Stephenson for Giggle Beats
Pete Scott is a Newcastle-born singer-songwriter who has toured with, amongst others, Lindisfarne. He takes time out to talk to John-Paul Stephenson about his new comedy album, his update of the Blaydon Races, and teaching music in prison.... [read more]

Songs To Sing & Jokes To Tell reviewed in The Crack
Pete Scott is a fella from Walker who has performed with the likes of Janis Ian and John Martyn in his time, so, needless to say, he knows his way around a good folk tune and there’s plenty on his new album which is packed with great songs. But it’s his lyrics that really command your attention as he finds both humour in the minor trials of everyday life - including spam email (Spam) and the fact that his iPod only seems to be selecting Hank Williams songs My iPod Has Turned Into Hank Williams)- but also poignant stuff (Billy Gibson's Things, Luckie's Bar). My fave? Got to be BB King Keyring (“it plays Hoochie Coochie Man when I open my front door”). Out now.

Why Sing Goodbye Songs Album launch at the Lit & Phil, Newcastle upon Tyne
In 1879, Newcastle inventor Joseph Swan demonstrated his newly invented light bulb, electrifying his audience at the Lit and Phil. And over a century on, Pete Scott can legitimately claim to have done the same... [read more]

Gig review - Pete Scott at Morden Tower - 24th November 2006
After a pint in Rosie’s, it was off along the city wall to find the ancient Morden Tower, a very interesting structure which forms part of Newcastle’s 13th century east wall. Much used for poetry gatherings, this was a venue on the gig list for Pete's latest venture; Yuri Gagarin's Banjo and other stories... [read more]

Pete Scott at Rothbury Roots, Northumberland
Wednesday 4th October 2006

The artist took the stage, resplendent in a dark suit and open-necked shirt, and without further ado immediately captivated his audience with a great song which highlighted his superb guitar work, the lovely tone of his guitar, the marvellous lyrics and his rich, smooth voice... [read more]

David Whetstone, The Journal, July 2006
Singer songwriter Pete Scott talks music past and present

If you were to write the soundtrack to Pete Scott's life so far, it would probably have to begin with the sound of his mother singing light opera around the house in “this amazingly wonderful soprano voice that I didn't always appreciate”... [read more]

Berwick and Borders Gazette, April 2005
Pete Scott - Talking to a Stranger

After listening to the gently honest folk of Talking to a Stranger, the fact that Tyneside singer songwriter Pete Scott is a name new to me is more my loss than his. It could have something to do with the fact that, after supporting Richard Thompson, Lindisfarne, Janis Ian, Judie Tzuke and John Martyn in the 70s and 80s... [read more]

Review from Alistair Robinson, Sunderland Echo
One of the North-East's best singer-songwriters, Pete Scott, is back with a fine new album. Pete first came to prominence in the Geordie folk-rock boom of the early 1970s, releasing a set of much-admired albums and touring with John Martyn, Richard Thompson, Janis Ian and Judie Tzuke as well as Tyneside compatriots Lindisfarne... [read more]

Peter Lewis - Hexham Courant
Something awesome in the heat of the night

It was almost too hot to enjoy anything at all on Friday last - the Queen’s Hall was attempting to enter the Guiness Book of Records for the highest humidity in Britain. But we, a packed audience, mopped each other’s brows and got on with the pleasure of enjoying an evening of traditional and contemporary North-East music, courtesy of the Northumbria Anthology... [read more]

Talking to a Stranger - Launch Review, November 2004
Talking to a Stranger is the new, eagerly-awaited album from Tyneside singer-songwriter Pete Scott. Pete, who toured extensively in the 70's and 80's supporting major names such as Lindisfarne, Janis Ian, Judy Tzuke, John Martyn and Richard Thompson, suspended regular gigging in the 90's to concentrate on writing and teaching, a career which has included a ground-breaking spell working in a high security prison, and a number of theatre projects... [read more]

Pete's latest album:

CD - Sweet Dreams Of Contentment

CD - Songs To Sing & Jokes To Tell

Songs To Sing & Jokes To Tell
available online from:

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CD - Why Sing Goodbye Songs

Why Sing Goodbye Songs
available online from:

    CD Baby

Hear tracks from the album

Read the album launch review

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    He Said She Said Yeah
    Eddie's Dead
    William Smith and Pauline Jones
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    Pity The Poor Baritone

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