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Pete Scott

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Tuition pictures Apart from writing performing and recording, there's another strand to my life in music. I've found great satisfaction in teaching other people, helping them to get the same pleasure and satisfaction from making music as I do. I try to help them avoid the difficulties I encountered as a self taught musician. I know the frustrations involved in being short of resources, equipment and information.

In the early nineties, I taught guitar in a local school and then went on to teach in the music department of Newcastle College. While there, I worked with students on the music technology course, concentrating mainly on songwriting, arranging and studio production. The students were mostly in the 18-21 age group.

While there, I was made head of a course designed to cater for students wishing to learn a second instrument. Overseeing a staff of ten, we covered a wide range of instruments including drums, keyboards, voice and guitar. The most exciting aspect of this course was that it was open to external students, not just those already enrolled at the college. This enabled people from a wide variety of backgrounds, some with learning difficulties, some with physical and mental health problems, to receive one-to-one tuition on the instrument of their choice. Their level of motivation was often higher than that of the other students, and helped me to see how stimulating and satisfying teaching could be.

During this time, I studied and qualified for the certicate of education making me a qualified teacher. So if you were wondering, I am the real deal!

One day while skipping through the media pages in the Guardian newspaper, I came across a job ad: 'musician in residence required'. Immediately interested, I read further. 'To work in a high security prison near Doncaster'. To cut the story short, I applied for the job and got it. The contract was initially for six months but I ended up working there, two days a week, for the next two and a half years, until money and goodwill ran out. My time working in the prison marked me, changed me, and helped me grow. If I had ever had any doubts about the therapeutic effects of music they were swept away by that experience.

Since leaving the prison job, I have run rock schools, songwriting courses and music theory classes for the following organisations: Blyth Resource and Initiative Centre (BRIC) the Workers Education Authority (WEA) and The Centre for Life Long Learning (CLL) at Newcastle University. These courses and classes were held at a wide range of venues, working with people of all ages from a variety of backgrounds.

If you would like more information about tuition or any of the teaching initiatives, please get in touch by email initially.

“Over the past 6 years, Pete has worked with Blyth Resource and Initiative Centre (BRIC) running song-writing, music theory and rock school workshops. An experienced adult education tutor, Pete's enthusiasm, hidden in a laid-back, easy-going style, has inspired many to get the best out of their music.

“A talented musician and a gifted songwriter, Pete has been responsible for heading BRIC's annual Page to Stage song-writing workshops run in association with The Phoenix music and songs.

“Last summer saw the successful People Must Pay musical play performed at the Phoenix Theatre, which benefited immensely from Pete's musical direction.”

Blyth Resource
and Initiative Centre

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